Mahapola scholarship is awarded to you with the great objective of providing an effective assistance for pursuing your higher education activities continuously and diligently without financial difficulties. Accordingly, as per the recommendation of the university that you are assigned to, Rs. 5,050/- per month for a merit scholarship recipient and Rs. 5,000/- per month for a general scholarship recipient subject to a maximum of 10 installments per one academic year during the period of conducting the course within the prescribed academic duration of the course that you have been selected will be credited directly to your bank account by the Mahapola Higher Education Trust Fund. You will be notified that the money has been credited so, by a SMS.

Scholarship awards for the academic year 2017/18 is to be held in the near future in Colombo and the Island wide through Divisional Secretaries. Students who are eligible to obtained Scholarship in Colombo District will be awarded through a ceremony organized by the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund (more than 1000 scholarships are to be awarded) and rest of the districts scholarships are awarded through ceremony organized by Divisional Secretaries.